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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Learning Begins

My mum is a lecturer in marketing, advertising and international business. Mum also knows more than I realised about the online worlds I am used to - myspace, online gaming - X-Box and Playatation as well as knowing alot about tools and other things that I did not know existed.
I am a year 10 student in Melbourne Australia and have not had a great time at school due to having chronic fatigue for along time.
Mum gave me a choice to continue in formal education for the remainder of this year (at school) or to work alongside her, learning what I need to and more - that is what she told me.
I have decided to let mum guide me and will be learning from home, using social networking tools and technologies as well as other online materials, mum has found.
I am a little scared but I trust my mum and already think this is going to be fun too.
Mum is a member of alot of online networks and wants me to join in too. I am still not sure exactly what they are all about but I am looking forward to learning and connecting with others around the world whilst I am doing so.
Not sure how it will all go, but it has to better than school - for me anyway.


buthaina said...

Hi Zane,

My name is Buthaina and also known as Buth; I'm an English instructor at theLanguage Center of Kuwait University, and I'm from Kuwait. I met your mum through Twitter and came across your blog through one of her tweets. I think your decision to learn from home is very good. I am really impressed by your courage and enthusiasm, and eager to learn more from you about your informal learning experience. When the Fall semester starts here in mid September, I'll ask my students to read your blog. Wishing you all the best :)

AJ said...

Hey Zane,
what games do you play online (playstation). btw nice blog;)

Blogger Correction said...

Hello Zane

I've just read your blog and thought you must have a really big enthusiasm and courage to be home schooled and it sounds like you really enjoy what your mum is teaching and it must be a real difference to being taught at home instead of at school.

I'm Nathan, I live in Western Australia just a bit south of Perth.

If you've every been Western Australia, how different is Melbourne to Perth.

It's been good talking to you