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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Igoogle and Blogger

The first things I have done are:

1: I have created my own learning pages using igoogle. I have a main page and it has tabbed pages too with the different subject or areas that I will be learning. I have learnt how to 'add stuff' and my head is still spinning, as there is so much stuff. Mum said to work on which RSS feeds I felt would be good to include in each page, so I looked around and have added those I think will help me. I think tonight mum is going to show me how to do screen dumps, so that I can show everyone what my page looks like.

2: To use Igoogle I set up a gmail email account - I will use this as my email for all my learning stuff so to keep it seperate from my friends. I have found that with igoogle and gmail I can also use something called google docs, so I can do word and other documents from their and even work with others.

3: I have created my own blog, this one. I have been playing with the colours, templates and layout and am happy with it at the moment. Mum said that I can change it as required, as I may need to add 'elements', change the look and feel overtime. Mum did say not to change it too often as it becomes confusing for anyone reading your blogs.
I plan to post most days to my blog so that I have a record of what I have done and learnt - will be fun to look back on to see where I started and where I am at the end of the year.

4: I have two major bits of work to do that mum has set out:

a: I am going to create a menu for the family for a week. It will include a budget, the meals and I will be cooking - I am interested in hospitality so mum thought this would be a good start.

b: I am interested in personal health and interest, so mum has asked that I create a training plan for her, taking note of her age, health, current fitness and any other things that I need to think about - she has a frozen shoulder so some things she cannot do. I will then be her trainer for 1 month and keep a record of everything. Training mum is going to be funny as she is going to have to do as I ask her - don't think she will be that tough though.

I am still learning alot and think I will be for the rest of the year. I am still not sure about it all but I think it is going to be a fun way to learn, so will do my best.

The Learning Begins

My mum is a lecturer in marketing, advertising and international business. Mum also knows more than I realised about the online worlds I am used to - myspace, online gaming - X-Box and Playatation as well as knowing alot about tools and other things that I did not know existed.
I am a year 10 student in Melbourne Australia and have not had a great time at school due to having chronic fatigue for along time.
Mum gave me a choice to continue in formal education for the remainder of this year (at school) or to work alongside her, learning what I need to and more - that is what she told me.
I have decided to let mum guide me and will be learning from home, using social networking tools and technologies as well as other online materials, mum has found.
I am a little scared but I trust my mum and already think this is going to be fun too.
Mum is a member of alot of online networks and wants me to join in too. I am still not sure exactly what they are all about but I am looking forward to learning and connecting with others around the world whilst I am doing so.
Not sure how it will all go, but it has to better than school - for me anyway.