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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Igoogle and Blogger

The first things I have done are:

1: I have created my own learning pages using igoogle. I have a main page and it has tabbed pages too with the different subject or areas that I will be learning. I have learnt how to 'add stuff' and my head is still spinning, as there is so much stuff. Mum said to work on which RSS feeds I felt would be good to include in each page, so I looked around and have added those I think will help me. I think tonight mum is going to show me how to do screen dumps, so that I can show everyone what my page looks like.

2: To use Igoogle I set up a gmail email account - I will use this as my email for all my learning stuff so to keep it seperate from my friends. I have found that with igoogle and gmail I can also use something called google docs, so I can do word and other documents from their and even work with others.

3: I have created my own blog, this one. I have been playing with the colours, templates and layout and am happy with it at the moment. Mum said that I can change it as required, as I may need to add 'elements', change the look and feel overtime. Mum did say not to change it too often as it becomes confusing for anyone reading your blogs.
I plan to post most days to my blog so that I have a record of what I have done and learnt - will be fun to look back on to see where I started and where I am at the end of the year.

4: I have two major bits of work to do that mum has set out:

a: I am going to create a menu for the family for a week. It will include a budget, the meals and I will be cooking - I am interested in hospitality so mum thought this would be a good start.

b: I am interested in personal health and interest, so mum has asked that I create a training plan for her, taking note of her age, health, current fitness and any other things that I need to think about - she has a frozen shoulder so some things she cannot do. I will then be her trainer for 1 month and keep a record of everything. Training mum is going to be funny as she is going to have to do as I ask her - don't think she will be that tough though.

I am still learning alot and think I will be for the rest of the year. I am still not sure about it all but I think it is going to be a fun way to learn, so will do my best.


Karyn Romeis said...

Hi Zane

I'm interested in your learning journey. Your Mom is someone I have encountered on the blogosphere and facebook. I have a great deal of admiration for her. Taking on the task of homeschooling is a huge thing. I was thinking about doing it for my younger son (almost 14), but decided that I don't have what it takes :-(

It certainly seems that your Mom has found some interesting challenges for you. I would encourage you to explore the avenues she sets and try to discover where your own passions lie. You are n the very fortunate position to be able to influence and direct your learning journey, which is a great place to be.

I look forward to seeing more of your material up here. I will be subscribing to your blog via my aggregator (Bloglines). If you haven't set up an aggregator list yet, that might be an exercise worth doing: that way your sphere of interest comes to you every day! Too cool!

frances mclean said...

Hi Zane
I have only just met your mum through twitter and don't even think we have spoken a tweet yet. I am an IT lecturer at TAFE in Western Australia and over the next 5 weeks will have 17 yr10 students from about 4 different schools for a whole day lesson once a week on Blogs, wiki's etc. I have created a wiki with their lessons and there is also a link to their individual blogs in the navigation.
I will send them to visit your blog when I see them next week and I will also keep coming back. Good Luck and I hope this change works for you.

Sophie said...

hi zane
sounds complicated
have fun with it

Dragon Chick said...

hey keep up the good work

hardcore girl said...

i like the color of your background........just keep up the goodwork........

Allan said...

Hi Zane it’s Allan here i’ve just read your blog and let me be the first to congratulate you on the best blog i’ve ever read welldone keep up the fantastic work

jokay said...

Wow Zane! I'm jealous... sounds like you have lotsa fun learning ahead of you! ;)

And congrats to your Mum - she is a brave woman to let her son be her trainer! hehe! Don't be too tough with her! ;)

Sue said...

Hi Zane

I did my Flexible Learning Leader year with your mum and she rocks. Sounds like she is going to keep you busy!

I have had CFS for the last 15 years and I spent a year in bed with it and was really sick. I am mostly ok now but I still have to be really careful about how much I take on, so listen to your body and sleep when you need to [I learnt that the hard way]

sounds like u are getting a great start. I love igoogle and couldnt live my life without it. I have put my Google Reader there as well - get your mum to show u that! Maybe make a tab for CFS? Its really important you really understand it and stay up to speed with what they are finding out about it - just an idea!

I will stay tuned and see how you are going :)